No, NRL Star Jarryd Hayne Was Not Released- Case Update

There has been a recent update by ABC that Jarryd won an appeal against the sexual assault allegations he has been facing. The incident took back to 2018, during the NRL grand final night. 

Following the case, Hayne got five years and nine months jail sentence in 2021 with no parole of three years and eight months. However, “the three judges’ panels have sustained his appeal and quashed his convictions” as per ABC.

As per the Cambridge dictionary, quashing a conviction means officially rejecting the earlier decision. 

For the moment, there has been no official news of him getting released. Moreover, he will face a re-trial again.

What Is Up With Jarryd Hayne Wife Amellia Bonnici? 

Amellia Bonnici is popularly known for being Jarryd Hayne’s wife. The couple got married in January 2021 after dating for a while. 

Moreover, Amellia and Jarryd share a daughter named Beliviah Ivy in their family. The couple first met each other through the help of social media and eventually fell in love.

Later on, his girlfriend Amellia got pregnant, and the pair soon married in 2021. She is a mother of two children; the younger one is her son.  

For the moment, she is taking care of her family and the children. And there have not really been any updates on her. 

Jarryd Hayne And Amellia Bonnici Split?

There is no official news on Jarryd and his wife Amellia’s split. As per the news in 2021, she was still standing by her husband’s side. 

At present, Amellia has yet to comment on the matter. She has not really come to light and might be busy caring for her children. 

The pair have been married for over a year, and just within 100 days of their marriage, Jarryd faced prison sentencing. With no official separation news, they might still be married at present too.