Cardi B and Cuban Doll Beef Explained Over Offset’s Alleged Cheating Scandal


Cardi B and Cuban Doll got into a Twitter dispute on January 8 when Cuban Doll posted photos of a leopard-print outfit from her next video for the song. On her Instagram account, Cuban shared a photo of Nicki Minaj, Implying that perhaps the famous rapper was the influence for her costume.

Cardi B And Cuban Doll Dispute

Cardi’s admirers, on the other hand, uploaded a WAP clip of her wearing similar attire. Raising the possibility that Cuban’s outfit was influenced by Cardi B. When Cuban Doll watched the video, she responded with the following tweet: “Ask me why people despise me…” THEY Are Really just BANDWAGONING WITHOUT A Purpose. It’s fine, though; no one who has ever disliked has ever prospered.”

This Media Game is a mess.. Sooo Cardi B and Cuban Doll was literally the biggest story of the day yesterday and blogs were updating their post by the minute every time something happen… But when Cardi came on The Armon Wiggins Show Spaces..Everybody clocked out for lunch 😂😅😆

— The Armon Wiggins Show (@ArmonWiggins) January 9, 2022

After that, Cuban sent out a series of tweets aimed at Cardi, which have been eventually removed. She also adamantly denied being influenced by Cardi B. Fans of Cuban Doll, on the other hand, revealed old Instagram posts of Cuban grooving to Cardi’s music.
Cardi B had screenshots of Cuban Doll’s previous tweets, including one that read:

“I hope a man doesn’t marry me solely to deceive on me… that is indeed OD DISRESPECT on a whole other scale”. I’ll never be motivated by somebody who doesn’t pay attention to me. Just don’t try to impose it on me. According to Cardi’s post, Cuban began it all with these Twitter posts. Cardi’s husband Offset allegedly tried sleeping with Cuban Doll in 2019. And Cuban replied by saying she and Cardi have never been on speaking terms again.

Cuban DollCuban Doll reply to Cardi B (Image via Twitter)

Offset Cheating Scandal

Cardi B revealed discussions she had with Cuban, in which the Cuban Doll denied knowing about Offset’s cheating. Doll said that the girl engaged in the cheating incident is her friend Summer Bunni.
For her next tweet, Cuban disclosed that she had been paid to clean Offset’s reputation in the cheating incident. Cardi B questioned Cuban about why she modified her statement so many times. And how the conflict began in the very first position.

The talented musicians then tweeted their final tweet. Stating that they would be removing the tweets but they were never beneficial to them.

Cuban Doll Boyfriend & More

Cuban Doll, a social networking personality and musician, was born on May 12, 1998. The audience has reacted well to her music videos on YouTube as well as other sites. Cuban started recording her tracks in 2017 and has already amassed a significant following.

On YouTube, the video Let It Blow has received over 7.7 million views. Cuban Doll is also a businesswoman, selling authentic Cuban Doll clothing and goods. She additionally sells reasonably priced iPhone covers.
Tadoe, a rapper, had been in a connection with the well-known performer. They eventually split up, but collaborated in a few songs.

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