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BTS in The Soop Season 2 Trailer Is Here. The New Bangtan House Took 1 Year To Built!

A still from BTS in The Soop Season 2 Trailer (cr: In the soop TV)

BTS in The Soop Season 2 trailer is here! The reality tv series starring the pop sensations BTS was a huge hit. And the audience and BTS Army loved watching the series as it explored the daily lives of the septet. However, with its new season, and teaser, ARMY (fandom name) can expect more. The fairytale-like teaser gives a glimpse of how BTS will enjoy some time off in secrecy. Moreover, BTS in The Soop Season 2 will be more refreshing as the viewers will encounter new facts about the Bangtan boys.

Earlier, preview pictures of the seven BTS members and the official poster were released. We got an insight on the members in the new season, their new looks, and the In The Soop merch donned by them. Both the preview pictures and the new BTS in The Soop season 2 trailer reflected calmness, peace, and serenity. The same goes for the fans. BTS in The Soop is famous for healing the ARMY, and it’s time for them to feel good.

BTS in The Soop will continue to cure fans for a long time. But, for now, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, are ready to entertain ARMY with new funny antics and beautiful songs.

So, let’s take you to the new In The Soop mansion. Yes, it’s a grand mansion.

BTS in The Soop Season 2 Teaser Trailer

BTS in The Soop season 2 trailer will welcome you to a grand mansion. But, you cannot enjoy the beauty without glancing at ‘behind the scenes and all the efforts put in. As the video begins, we find a beautiful Americanized grand mansion with a pool outside. Surrounded by mountains and greenery, the house was a literal example of ‘Heaven on Earth.’ And, while we can’t stay there, we will be able to see the members spend some quality time there.

The trailer escalates as we find drill machines and people working in constructing the house. The caption read’ D-90 until their arrival.’ Also, it tells how the grand scale construction is done, only for BTS. As we see the workers building the mansion, voiceovers of the members continue. JK says that it looks like they are filming a movie.

Meanwhile, Jimin that the place was “unbelievable,” and it also had a swimming pool. He further shared that the house also has a Tennis court, basketball court, and a gym. RM says it looked huge, while J-Hope asks, “Kind of like a mansion? The eldest, Jin, called it a “castle” while admiring it, and Suga confirmed that the view could not be easily experienced in Korea.

Lastly, V told everyone how it was a place only they wanted to know. He called it “our secret place.” And it is coming soon in October. The mansion also had beautiful and mesmerizing architecture. Plus, Jungkook’s painting from season 1 was also a part of the house.

Jungkook’s landscape from In The Soop S1

After watching BTS in the Soop season 2 trailer, we understood why the mansion took one year for construction. Everything from the design to construction is done specially for the BTS members.

BTS In The Soop S2 Release Date

BTS in The Soop season 2 is releasing on October 15, 2021. The number of episodes is not known yet. However, you can watch it easily. If you reside in South Korea, you can stream the reality show on JTBC at 9 pm KST. However, the international fans can watch the BTS members relaxing on Weverse. New episodes will be uploaded on the application every Friday at 10 pm KST. For more information, check out the official Twitter post down below.

Ever since the BTS in The Soop season 2 trailer came out, fans are praising the label (HYBE) for giving the boys the best treatment. The efforts put by HYBE are incredibly remarkable as they treat their artists with the utmost care and respect. Hence, the fans cannot wait to hear new impromptu music from Suga, Jin waking up everyone with firecrackers, Jungkook, and RM painting, while V makes food, and Jimin and J-Hope paint white sneakers.

BTS in the Soop will have four seasons. And, in a statement, Jin is heard saying that he cannot wait to start filming season 3. So, are you excited about BTS in the Soop S2?