Brent Lakatos Wedding Photos With Wife Stef Reid

Brent Lakatos’s wedding photos with his wife Stef Reid are very innocent. She shared a picture on their wedding day on her Instagram and celebrated 10 years of blissful married life and journey.

She wished him a happy anniversary and captioned the picture saying “I love you. And I really, really like you! Happy ten-year anniversary Mr. Lakatos!!! ” on 18 October 2018.

It is like a fairy tale that the duo have been together for more than a decade now. They were married in the year 2008 and their relationship is still stronger than ever,

The sweet and innocent couple has given each other immense respect and love to each other and has provided unconditional support for one another.

Dancing On Ice Stef Reid Partner Brent Lakatos Family

Dancing On Ice Stef Reid’s partner Brent Lakatos came from a sporting family. His parents Lakatos and Barbara Payson Lakatos are sports enthusiasts and are always involved in it.

His father, Steve played basketball and American football among other sports, and his mother, Barbara played golf, badminton, swimming.

Even he has a sister, Trisha who is a really good athlete. She went to the University of Illinois on a full swimming scholarship.

So the sport has always surrounded him while he was growing up. But he particularly loved one sport the most when he was younger and that was wheelchair basketball.

He started playing basketball when he was only 12 years old and loved every second of it.

Brent Lakatos Disability- Why Is He In Wheelchair?

Brent Lakatos suffered from a massive freak ice-skating accident that lead to disability and he ended up in a wheelchair.

When he was six, he suffered an incident where he had to be hospitalized. The accident caused the blood clot formation on his spine that left his legs paralyzed.

Even though he suffered a great deal of pain he has still shown people can do anything in their life and become what they desire if they put their heart into it.

He has represented Canada not once but thrice at Summer Paralympics. He has won several silver and gold medals throughout his career.

He even won the 400 meters wheelchair race at the 2020 British Athletics Championships as well as the 2020 London Marathon in a time of 1:36:04.