Birmingham Nightclub Mogul Is Dead, Did Eddie Fewtrell Have A Son?


Did Eddie Fewtrell Have A Son? Get all the answers to some of the life mysteries of the late Birmingham Nightclub Mogul here below!

Eddie Fewtrell was known as the King of Clubs, all thanks to the iconic nightclubs that he owned.

Moreover, his book “King of Clubs” played a vital role in maintaining his reputation even after death.

Known for his legendary nightclub venues, including Bermuda, Cedar, Boogies, Abigails, and Edwards No7, the entrepreneur had it all.

Now that the news of his death has reached the public, it has saddened his well-wishers around the globe.

Did Eddie Fewtrell Have A Son? Meet His Family

Eddie Fewtrell mainly kept his family life private, including his status as a father to a son.

Thus, the information regarding whether the King of Clubs’ son is not accessible now.

Meanwhile, it is a known fact he was a father to three adult children.

One of the well-known Fewtrell children of the late Eddie is his daughter, Abigail Fewtrell.

Eddie sensationally disowned Abi in 2016 after penning down a novel on Eddie’s alleged violent feud with The Krays.

Eddie had revealed that the work brought the emotional ruckus to the family’s name, and most of the content was from his own published book, 2007’s “King of Clubs.”

Abi and her husband, David Keogh, had published a few written materials on Eddie’s life, which did not go well with Eddie himself.

Thus, Eddie had vowed that Abigail would never set foot in the £1 million mansion he had built for her. 

Birmingham Nightclub Mogul Eddie Fewtrell Is Dead

Eddie Fewtrell, the Birmingham Nightclub mogul, is indeed dead.

He passed away on February 13 morning at the Herefordshire farm where he had spent his retirement.

Eddie was 90 years old and had a great reputation in the club-entrepreneurship world and media.

Eddie Fewtrell’s name is often related to the Kray Twins, the organized crime duo who ruled over the East End of London, England, from the late 1950s to 1967.

It is not the family bond or friendship that Eddie is known for with the Kray Twins. 

Instead, it is the dangerous rivalry between the two families. Eddie is predominantly known for banishing The Krays from Birmingham when the twins had set eyes upon Eddie’s club business.

Many legends of these two fighting blood battles followed, but Eddie never accepted them.

Though the King of Clubs revealed that some bad relation followed, he refuted the various rumors and stories involving drugs and murders.

Who Is Eddie Fewtrell Wife or Partner?

Eddie Fewtrell is survived by his second wife, Marlene, who remained his partner until death.

Marlene is forty years younger than Eddie. The complete insiders into their marriage and family are still into consideration.

Likewise, many insiders into Eddie’s first marriage and wife are also yet to be reviewed.

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