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Joe Biden’s first foreign tour began in the United Kingdom. The host was Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with whom Biden exchanged gifts in honor of the first meeting. The couple’s politicians also gave each other souvenirs, writes the British The Mirror.

Prime Minister Johnson presented Biden with a framed photograph of a mural by American anti-slavery activist Frederick Douglass in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Douglas is a former slave in whom he became a major figure abolitionist movement. He traveled to Britain and Ireland in the 1840s with speeches against slavery. The mural was painted by Robert Blair and the photo was taken by British-American Melissa Hayton.

In turn, the U.S. president introduced Johnson to a new bike and helmet as “a friendly gesture and recognition of their common interest in cycling.” “Joe Biden donated an American bicycle and a tailored bicycle helmet from Bilenky Cycle Works, a small family business located in Philadelphia. Biden was born in Pennsylvania, “the White House quoted ABC News as saying.

Carrie Johnson, the third wife of Prime Minister Johnson, gave 70-year-old US First Lady Jill Biden the first edition of Daphne du Maurier’s 1952 apple tree, which she spent most of her life in Cornwall, where most of her novels happens. And Mrs. Johnson received a leather bag made by military wives and a presidential silk scarf from Dr. Biden.

Formerly Biden’s wife toldhow diligently my husband is preparing a meeting with Putin on June 16th. After the U.S. couple met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie in British Cornwall, reporters asked Jill if her husband was ready for a summit with Putin on June 16. In response, she recounted how Biden feels about foreign policy and high-level negotiations.

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