Beverley and Jordan Destination Wedding: Release Date & Everything We Know


What is the release date for Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding? Weddings are a very integral part of human society. After all, everyone wishes for someone to be their own. A helping hand to your problems, a partner. There are many practical and emotional benefits to being in a healthy partnership, including having someone hold your hand in bad times and marathoning your favorite show with you.

Well, all can get a partner, but not all can get a good one. That’s what the show Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding is all about. Well, the name suggests Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding. But, the show is not about Beverley and Jordan. Moreover, Jordan will help Beverley with her Destination Wedding. After being on to different shows, these fellas landed for the release of their own. As we saw last year, they’re a pair of gigglers who love a good laugh and support each other through the toughest challenges, so expect lots of surprises and mishaps along the way.

Be amazed watching the show. All the more, be amazed to know about the show with the following article—all about its release and expectations.

Beverley and Jordan – all prepared for their new show, Destination Wedding

About the Show

Here’s everything we know so far. Former Coronation Street star Beverly Callard and BBC Radio 1 DJ Jordan North are teaming up for the new ITV show Destination Wedding. In a reality outing, the pair – who appeared together in the most recent series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – Will be seen traveling to Spain, as North helps Collard prepare to renew her wedding vows with her husband, John McEwan.

The ITV show will follow Beverly, best known for playing Liz McDonald in Cory. But it will be down to radio host Jordan to help plan and organize the 64-year-old soap star’s big day.

Beverley with her husband, John Mc Ewan

Location for Destination Wedding

The new five-part series will see them travel together while Beverly renews her vows with her husband, John McEwan.

Their journey will take them through northern Spain, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, and Benidorm before reaching Mojacar, Almeria, where Beverly has a home and, incidentally, only minutes from Jordan’s parents now living. The pair will travel across Spain, participating in various activities like flamenco dancing and grape crushing, collecting wedding essentials including cakes, dresses, and wine along the way.

Beautiful Spain

Opinion of Beverly Collard, Destination Wedding

Coronation Street star Beverly Collard said, “Wow, what a journey! What an amazing adventure Jordyn and I are on, which has guaranteed we’re friends for life now.”

“On the road, we felt like a double act, experiencing and discovering so much about Spain that none of us knew. We laughed, we cried, we met amazing people, and we were amazingly breathtaking. Saw the places, which was a dream come true. She continued: “All the time, discovering a lot about each other, and for that, I have to renew my vows to the love of my life, John, in a splendid celebration organized by Jordan, well The adventure of a lifetime.

Beverley Collard

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“I hope everyone who watches the show will love it as much as we did. We’ll be back on the road again, on or off-camera. We’re one to end this forever.” Have a lot of fun together.”

Opinion of Jordan on Destination Wedding

Jordan said filming the new show with Beverly was a “complete dream.” He continued: “Bev and I immediately called it I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! And now I see her as one of my closest friends, so when we organized her wedding there was a Had the opportunity to travel all over Spain together, which I will never forget!

“I can’t wait for everyone to see Destination Wedding, it’s something either of us has done before and one of the funniest things I’ve ever filmed, so there’s a lot of anticipation.”

When is Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding, ready for release

Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding will air on ITV this autumn of 2021. Most probably, we could see its release earliest by mid-October.