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BBC Broadcaster Helena Merriman is known for her renowned digital recording, Tunnel 29. She has likewise been filling in as the senior columnist for BBC starting around 2005.

Merriman had sent off Tunnel 29 in October 2019, the show discusses the tale of a gathering of men who carried in the mid 1960s.

BBC Helena Merriman Has Open Up About Otosclerosis Helena Merriman experiences Otosclerosis. It is an intriguing degenerative hearing condition, which the columnist marks as exceptionally “startling”.

The condition advances strange bone development inside the ear. It could steadily get most horrendously awful over the long run, eventually prompting hearing misfortune.

Merriman, 40, has drilled down into her analysis of the condition. She started seeing a few issues in her hearing after the introduction of her child Sam.

Helena couldn’t hear her child crying around evening time. Then, at that point, the BBC writer had looked for clinical assistance.

In the wake of getting a few hearing tests, her clinical secret was addressed however it wasn’t the news she had been expecting.

Merriman says: “The specialist before me took a gander at my notes, then, at that point, let me know he realized what had caused my hearing misfortune: otosclerosis,”

Helena Merriman Is Recovering: Her Illness Diagnosis Update Helena Merriman has kept herself from the genuine impacts of Otosclerosis. She is as yet doing her treatment.

While the condition couldn’t be completely relieved, its causes can be survived and limited. In spite of the fact that, it’s a startling encounter for victims.


“For what reason would it be able to be another piece of my body that was turning out badly?” and “For what reason did it need to be my ears?” she asked to herself.

With a productive profession in the media, Merriman was born with pitch-amazing hearing. In the interim, she has likewise worked with sound on the regular routine.

Helena told Radio Times: “The prospect of these sounds getting away felt unnerving, I would have rather not make it genuine by saying it without holding back”.

Helena Merriman Husband Henry Hemming Was Her Big Support BBC Radio 4 host, Helena Merriman has been hitched to her magnificent spouse, Henry Hemming.

A few lives in London and is bringing up two kids; Matilda, eight, and Sam, presently four.

Expertly talking, her better half is an English verifiable creator. He is the essayist of M: Maxwell Knight, MI5’s Greatest Spymaster.

More on her better half, he is the child of John Hemming, wayfarer, creator, and previous Director of the Royal Geographical Society.

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