How Old Are Pete Wentz II And Dale Wentz?

Based on their appearance, Pete and Dale must be in their 70s, though none of them have claimed their accurate age.

Pete as a Lawyer worked for about 20years as a general counsel of a company. After that, he went to Northwestern’s Law School and worked in the administration, plus as a teacher.

Similarly, Dale is a high school admissions counselor.

Born on June 5, 1979, in Wilmette, Illinois, Pete gets his English-German descent from his father and Afro-Jamaican, from his mother.

Further, the couple gave birth and raised two more children, Hillary and Andrew.

Bassist Pete Wentz Parents-Are They Still Alive?

Rockstar Pete Wentz is still under the shadow of his parents. Meaningly, both of his guardians are alive. 

Despite being not-so-camera-friendly individuals, they make rare appearances via their own and children’s social sites.

According to an interview of his father on, Pete and Dale love to see their son performing at concerts and undeniably enjoy it, proving the strong bonding between the parent-child.

Meet Them On Social Media

With more than 600 followers, Pete Wentz II is present on Twitter since 2011. Though he is not crazily active on the platform, he tweets and updates it time-to-time. 

Present under the username @PeteShanks, he shows his interest in Politics and current affairs.

On the contrary, Dale is undiscoverable on social media.