Basketball Player Faith Reid’s Fatal Accident Explained: What Happened? 

The Basketball Player Faith Reid was enjoying the time of her life but soon she was involved in a fatal car accident that took her life.

Just a week ago, she outdid her great performance and managed the Canada West Women’s Basketball Player of the week.

But now she is no more as she sustained heavy injuries in the road accident and died on Sunday morning.

Faith and her family were relishing her accomplishment but soon the happiness turned ugly when they found out their daughter had passed in road rage.

Her sister Linzy, friends, and family are airing the information of her perishment through social sites so please help them in these dark times.

Where Is Faith Reid Now In 2022?

According to the data, Faith Reid has already passed away after the accident. Faith must have been taken to the hospital for treatment after the incident.

As there is little information on her and we do not know whether she was taken to the hospital or she died on the spot.

But as per ‘topinfoguide‘ website, she parted after having some serious injuries in the accident.

The site also claims her sister Linzy has created a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral cost.

There also seem to be no current or concerning details surrounding the car crash either.

However, the factual confirmation is yet to be confirmed by her parents and family members.

Faith Reid Boyfriend Name Revealed, Who Is She Dating?

Faith Reid’s boyfriend’s name is not revealed now as she may or may not be dating. She personally has not revealed any news regarding her current affairs. 

The 22-year-old Faith was solely focused on her career but a beautiful soul like her might have few admirers.

Faith might be single for now as nothing can be found in her love life. So far the mysterious boy has not popped up yet.

Though some of the achievements and goals of her athletic life are hyped in media, her love life is elusive for the moment.