Who Is Orli Sheffey? 

Orli was a former sophomore student at Washington University, studying political science. People over the college have known her for working at Student Life as a senior news editor. 

Looking into her LinkedIn, she previously completed her high school at Deerfield HS in 2020. Sheffey was a bright student with a charismatic personality. 

At a young age, she has managed to get ample experience. Sheffey started working in the University Student Media in 2020 as a staff reporter. 

Within a short period, Orli was able to get the position of Senior News Editor at the University. She worked as a Political Science Research Assistant when she lost her life. 

Orli Sheffey Death Cause And Obituary

As per Orli’s family member, she passed away due to suicide. She took her own life, and her death caused has been shocking news for her friends and family. 

As per her beloved ones, they never saw it coming looking at Orli’s cheerful nature. She departed from this world on Friday, leaving all her memory behind. 

Currently, her friends are mourning over her obituary, and her family has been devastated by their loved one. The reason behind her suicide has not been revealed to the public yet. 

With her loved ones grieving her death, further updates are not available on her passing away.

Ayelet Sheffey Tribute To Sister Orli Sheffey

A Missouri girl, Orli, passed away on Friday. Her sister tributed her on Twitter, recalling her memories and writing a message to her. 

Orli was a younger sister of Ayelet Sheffey. As mentioned by her sister, she never thought her younger siblings commit suicide. 

The sisters had a bonding of friends and were very close. Also, Ayelet mentioned that she didn’t see any sign as her sister was always cheerful. 

Ayelet has tributed her sister on various social media platforms, and she expressed her sadness on Orli’s death.