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Even as President Biden shrugged his shoulders over progressives’ harassment and intimidation of a sitting United States senator of his personal get together — against the law beneath Arizona legislation — Biden’s Justice Department was operating roughshod over the First Amendment, threatening to research and prosecute mother and father for protesting towards faculty boards and lecturers who insist on indoctrinating youngsters with the cultural Marxism beloved by Democrats.

On Monday, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum wherein he wailed concerning the “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” Clearing his throat with an empty nod to the inconvenient undeniable fact that the Constitution protects “spirited debate,” Garland incorrectly — certainly, outrageously for somebody of his expertise as a Justice Department official and federal appellate choose — claimed that free-speech rules yield not solely to “threats of violence” but additionally to “efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views” (not less than, evidently, people not named Sinema or Manchin).

DOJ says FBI will investigate parents who threaten school board membersVideo


Garland is aware of that is harmful nonsense. I personally know that he is aware of it. He was a high-ranking official within the Clinton Justice Department, which gave me a really exhausting time — although it finally relented — after I proposed charging a infamous terrorist with soliciting acts of violence and seditious conspiracy….

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