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Amanda Caroline Cronin is a British fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity influencer who is professionally known as Amanda Cronin. She is renowned for her global travels and attending major social events. She is well recognized for being the co-founder of Amanda Caroline Skincare which is a skincare brand that sells serums and creams to fight the visible signs of aging. She has documented Kathy Burke: Money Talks and Council House Briain on Channel 4 in the past and her new documentary was airing on Channel 4 on 14th February 2022 which features one of the wealthiest women in the U.K – The Millionaires and Me with The Real Housewives of Belgravia. Being a well-known celebrity influencer, Cronin has gained a nice fam base in social media as she has gained more than 62.2k followers on her Instagram account.

Famous For

  • Being a British fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity influencer.
  • For being the co-founder of Amanda Caroline Skincare.

Where is Amanda Cronin from?

Amanda Cronin was born in 1976 with the real name of Amanda Caroline Cronin in England. She holds British nationality and she came from British-white ethnic background. Similarly, her religion is Christian and her race is white. Amanda has celebrated her 45 birthday as of 2021. As her exact birthdate is not known, her star sign has also not been disclosed yet. She has not shared any details regarding her parents and education qualification.


Is Amanda Cronin Married?

Amanda Cronin is a married woman. She is currently dating a Canadian, whom she refuses to reveal his name. Amanda gave birth to her one and only child, a daughter named Sofia Alexandra Yaganeh in 1996 with her ex-partner, Mark Daeche. She met Mark at a family dinner party in London and the pair got engaged after a year of dating. They then got married seven years after their engagement in Morocco but ended up divorcing in 2019. Their daughter, Sofia attended Hill House International Queensgate School for girls in her early years before she went to Parsons School in Manhattan, New York. Sofia is now an aspiring artist to which her mother describes her as “caring and sensitive”. Concerning Amanda’s sexual orientation, she is straight.

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Millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin gives a glimpse into her lavish life

Amanda lived in Monaco for ten years before her marriage fell apart, and while celebrating her 45th birthday, she opened up to Martin about life following her divorce. ‘I’m so over people trying to hook me up and couple me up’, she said. ‘My daughter feels the same I know my friends feel the same. We’re powerful intelligent and successful women on a trajectory. ‘Of course, we need love and lovers and we have this, but at the end of the day it’s not us being defined by men anymore walking in the shadows of men.’ When asked whether her marriage had left her with some emotional scars, she said: ‘I think it’s definitely a fair comment yeah. But time heals and hearts heal.’ She added: ‘I like being kissed goodbye in the morning. I’m very classic and old school, “I’ll see you later my darling I love you I’m besotted with you”.’


While she now enjoys a lavish lifestyle, Amanda opened up about her early life in Southampton, where she had an ordinary upbringing and dreamed of being an air hostess before being scouted as a model. ‘I have been desperate and I have been in situations where I have been at the brink of disaster’, she said. ‘My whole world fell apart overnight in public, I don’t think it’s about being touched. ‘That’s not a problem, when you can’t pay your rent you can’t pay your bills that’s a problem. ‘People might think I’m in a gilded cage – I am, but I know what it’s like to not be in a gilded cage, and I know what it’s like to be in a gilded cage with the door locked which is not ideal either.’ 

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She later met with Shirley Debono, an activist campaigning against the use of Imprisonment for public protection (IPP), a ‘tariff’ meaning a prisoner serves an unlimited time of detention until they can prove they are no longer a threat to the public. Amanda was moved by the story of Shirley’s son, Shaun who had served nine years in prison after stealing a mobile phone. ‘I relate to Shirley as a mother as a woman’, she said. ‘We have a lot in common, fighting for your rights, justice, equality, justice truth, these are really hard battles to fight. ‘I want to help her, I would like to add my voice to the story. 

Amanda Cronin Wealth: How much is Amanda Cronin worth?

What is the Net Worth of Amanda Cronin?

Amanda Cronin is a versatile woman who has a net worth of between $1 million to $3 million as of 2022 whereas her exact amount of salary has not been disclosed yet. A millionaire socialite with a £10million jewelry collection and bathroom fitted with £7,000 gold taps has been branded ‘vile’ and ‘dreadful’ for bragging about her wealth to a former homeless man. Amanda revealed she had purchased another Mayfair mansion for £3million, which she’s renovating in the hope of selling for £11million. The pair visited a furniture store selling eye-wateringly expensive products including a £26,000 bath and bed costing £88,000. In addition, her major source of income is from her fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity influencer career.


How tall is Amanda Cronin?

Amanda Cronin has a pretty face and a magnetic personality which has cast spells over her viewers over the years. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes color. Amanda wears clothes that enhance her appeal more and mostly, she’s spotted wearing outfits that show off her beautiful long legs. Moreover, her body build type is slim.

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