Allow me to Brag, Those who Insulted me are Still Paying Rent – Nkechi Blessing Says – Trend


Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing says that those telling her she brag too much about her new house are the ones who still paying rent.

Late last year, Nkechi Blessing announce the good news of being a landlady and how she builds with 6 months of a sleepless night and sweat.

She further added that she sold her Range Rover jeep to complete her house.

Ever since the announcement, Nkechi Blessing almost every day talked about her new house on her Instagram page.

Many blasted her for bragging too much about the house.

Reacting to this she said:

You will fall in love with bungalow when you catch a glimpse of my house at night. E too choke.(sic) Just like cake!
Please, allow me brag because I have received a lot of insults on their app and those who insulted me are still paying rent.

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