Ahmed El-Tayeb mocks Sharif Ekramy’s dialogue with Schubert

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Sports commentator Ahmed El-Tayeb mocked Ahmed Schubert’s interview with Sherif Ekramy, the goalkeeper of the first football team at Pyramids Club.

And Ahmed Al-Tayeb, on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”, published a picture of Sharif Ekrami’s dialogue with Ahmed Schubert, and commented: “Our sports media need to be rearranged!! I was surprised after an hour that the episode was live, and I thought from its content that it was ten months ago!!

Sherif Ekramy, goalkeeper of the Pyramids club, accused the media in Egypt of underestimating the achievements of his club, Pyramids, as he put it.
“We achieved 11 consecutive victories in the African Confederation, and I think that this is a great achievement that the media did not pay attention to,” Ekrami said during televised statements.

He continued, “The media may neglect to mention the achievements of Pyramids, and try to reduce them in order to please Al-Ahly Club only.”

Sharif Ekrami denied supporting Mahmoud Taher against Mahmoud Al-Khatib in the last Al-Ahly elections, saying, “I respect Mahmoud Taher and my relationship with him was normal, but I did not support him in the elections against Mahmoud Al-Khatib.”

And he continued: “No one disagrees with respecting Mahmoud Taher, but unfortunately there were some people around him during his presidency of the club, who shook the stability of Al-Ahly, and made him infiltrated.”

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