After 9 months .. Tanta from the lights and fame to the League of Oblivion

It was officially confirmed that Tanta club had been relegated to the third division today, Friday, after it suffered a 1-0 defeat against Al-Dakhiliya, in the 27th round of the second division for the Cairo group.

With that result, Tanta’s balance froze at 22 points, making it 16th and last in the group, 11 points behind the safe zone in the league table.

The start of the journey in the second division was with coach Reda Abdel Aal, as he had taken over the team’s task in the last rounds of the Premier League to continue with the team in the second division.

Reda Abdel-Aal’s career did not last long with the team in the second division, after he won only 7 points from 10 matches, after which many coaches followed him, including Alaa Saber, Hassan Musa, Yasser Al-Kinani and Walid Al-Mahrouqi, who continued with the team so far.

And 9 months ago, the team had been relegated from the league of lights and fame, specifically on September 29, 2020, when it was officially confirmed that the Tanta team had been relegated from the Premier League to the second division after the end of the 30th round matches of the league.

The Tanta team was relegated with Haras El Hodoud and FC Misr to the second division, where Tanta came in the seventeenth place after scoring 22 points in 34 matches, winning only 3 matches and losing 13 matches, and the tie ended in 13 confrontations.

Before September 29, 2020, the team was in the Premier League, and a few days later it was relegated to the second tier, then after 9 months it continued relegation to the third division to face the specter of oblivion.

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Written by Techbondhu

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