Adam Scott Gay Rumors Debunked By Wife Naomi Sablan: Are They Still Married?

Adam Scott has been in a marital bond with his beautiful wife, Naomi Sablan, for more than fifteen years since 2005. Many people argue that his wife Naomi Sablan spread the rumors debunked about his husband being gay in the media. However, there is no authentic source to verify the people’s theory from the internet. 

On the other hand, some people wonder if they are still married at the current date. Tracking down the detail from his social platform, he seems in touch with his wife as he has shared the family photo on his social sites. Further, no news clarifies their separation at the current date. 

Details About Adam Scott Children

Adam Scott shares a close bonding with his dear children, where he has two children in his family from his marriage with Naomi Sablan. In particular, he has one son named Graham Scott, whereas his daughter’s name is Frankie Scott. 

Scott usually spends quality time with his children during his vacations, where he often shares beautiful pictures of his family on his social platforms. 

Adam Scott And Naomi Sablan Age Difference

Adam Scott and Naomi Sablan do not have vast age differences as there is only an age gap of one year between them. In particular, Adam Paul Scott was born on April 3, 1973, which means he has reached the age of 48 at the current date. 

According to, Naomi Sablan was born on October 8, 1972, and she has reached the age of 49 at the current date.