A new Houthi massacre in Marib..a mosque and a women’s prison targeted استهداف

Five days have not passed since the horrific massacre that shook the targeted Ma’rib Petrol station Until the Houthi militia committed a new massacre, Thursday evening, which killed 8 people and wounded 27 civilians, according to a preliminary toll, according to Yemeni medical sources.

The official Yemeni news agency quoted the sources as saying that the terrorist Houthi militia launched a successive bombardment this evening on the city of Ma’rib with two ballistic missiles and two booby-trapped planes, targeting a mosque in a residential neighborhood in the city center while performing the Maghrib prayer, in addition to a prison for women in the Marib Governorate Police Department and ambulances when they rushed To the site of the bombing to try to save the victims.

Among the victims are women and medical personnel

The sources indicated that the initial outcome of the bombing victims was 8 dead and more than 27 wounded, and the number is expected to increase, including women and members of the medical staff that were targeted in the bombing, in addition to the damage of more than 4 ambulances, including two completely damaged.

This terrorist Houthi massacre comes a few days after a similar targeting of a gas station in the Al-Rawda neighborhood, which led to the killing of 21 civilians, the injury of others, the burning of 7 cars, and the damage of two ambulances that rushed to rescue the victims after being targeted by a booby-trapped plane launched by the militia minutes after the missile launch.

From the site of the Ma’rib massacre (AFP)

For its part, the Yemeni army confirmed to Al Arabiya that the Houthi missiles targeted civilian and commercial areas in the city, and one of them fell on a commercial complex.

He also added that “the Houthi militia targeted ambulance crews with a booby-trapped march.”

He stressed that “the Houthis used ballistic missiles and drones to attack Marib.”

There was a big explosion

In addition, eyewitnesses told Reuters that they heard a “large explosion” in Ma’rib, followed by the sounds of ambulances.

Last Saturday, the terrorist Houthi militia targeted a fuel station in the Al-Rawda neighborhood, which led to an explosion killing 21 civilians Others were wounded, 7 cars were burnt, and two ambulances rushed to rescue the victims, after being targeted by a booby-trapped plane launched by the militia minutes after the missile was launched.

This heinous massacre was met with widespread human rights and international condemnation, and the Yemeni government considered it a “full-fledged war crime,” stressing the importance of international action to stop Houthi crimes and prosecute their perpetrators.

From the site of the Ma'rib massacre (AFP)

From the site of the Ma’rib massacre (AFP)

Houthi escalation

It is noteworthy that the Iranian-backed militia has escalated since last February its military campaign to advance towards the strategic city of Marib, located in an oil-rich province, with the aim of seizing the country’s wealth.

Despite the decline in the intensity of the confrontations in the last period due to diplomatic efforts led by the United Nations and Washington, the Houthis still continue their attacks on the city from time to time.

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