600 Pound Life: Is Pauline Potter Dead Or Still Alive? Obituary And Death Fack Check


600-pound life star Pauline Potter is not dead but she is still alive and very much healthy and in good shape in years as of 2022. Follow the article till the end to learn more about Potter’s weight loss journey. 

Pauline Potter appeared in TLC’s My 600-lb life in season 3 episode 3 which aired back on February 18, 2015. After she appeared on the show’s third episode, she amassed thousands of followers quickly and rose to fame. 

Potter was already heard of by several people even before appearing on the television show as she had written her name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest woman alive back in 2011.

Let us learn more about Pauline Potter’s whereabouts and take a closer look at what happened to her. 

What Happened To Pauline Potter 600 Pound Life?

If you are also among the people wondering what happened to Pauline Potter after 600-pound life then this article is just for you. 

After appearing on the television reality show, she got help from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan aka Dr. Now but resisted cutting down calories to 1200 per day. 

However, after being hospitalized and specialties keeping strict eyes on her food intake, she managed to lose 44 pounds in no time which sparked hope for Potter’s road to a healthy life. 

Potter was not just heavy and huge but was also addicted to food and painkillers according to The Cinemaholic. These two addictions of hers would prove very difficult to overcome in the coming days. 

Nonetheless, she was able to get gastric bypass surgery and ended the year 2015 weighing at 529 pounds, a whopping 149 weight loss in a year. She continued losing weight and is now living a healthy life. 

The show really turned her life around and gave her an opportunity to live a life she always wanted, independent life. Her adult son, who was in charge of getting things done around the house and taking care of Pauline also got his independence back. 

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Pauline Potter Obituary And Death Update 2022: Is She Dead?

Pauline Potter is not dead and her obituary is also not available on the internet as of now. 

In fact, Potter is living a rather healthy life after years as of 2022 but she has not made much of a public appearance recently after appearing on the TLC’s reality show. 

However, this is not the first time Pauline’s death hoax has appeared on the internet. She was rumored to have died several times in the past as well by various websites. 

All the rumors are fake as Pauline is very much alive and there are no trusted news sources to confirm her death at the moment. 

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