2023: Peter Obi’s Popularity Soars As LP Opens 16 Secretariats In A Single Week


2023: Peter Obi’s Popularity Soars As LP Opens 16 Secretariats In A Single Week

For the LP presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi, that’s unquestionably the season of goodwill. According to a broadly identified Brazilian saying, “goodwill makes the journey shorter.”

The hidden half in Nigeria presently for funding elections is money and a great deal of it. Running for president is a extremely giant enterprise that takes billions of belongings to be made a actuality.

The two fundamental occasions, the APC and the PDP, have a ton of this money of their possession ahead of the upcoming elections, and the two presidential candidates are themselves, wealthy folks. Fortunately or sadly, they’re working for the presidency for the ultimate time, which makes them way more decided.

Daily, people look to Peter Obi as a result of the chosen one who stands other than these political programs, who they think about have devoured their shared wealth with no moral compass the least bit.

And the one method the people can attain this lofty goal is to throw all of the items they’ve at Peter Obi’s presidential advertising marketing campaign. In the ultimate week, the LP has commissioned over 16 secretariats given by Nigerians sympathetic to Peter Obi’s administration.

The latest of these donations was a multi-million naira freshly constructed superior in Imo State donated by Dr. Libo Agwara of Ngor Okpala, which was commissioned by Peter Obi himself yesterday.

Members of most people have been donating their properties to be given as Labour Party secretariats in what is also outlined as an issue all through the six geopolitical zones.


Credit Smart Omo-Idemudia.

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